Hey Nate,
Gil Goldstein


Thank you for the quick response!

I suppose ordinarily I’d agree with what you said, but it seems to me that the uniqueness of Firebase’s Realtime Database is that you can set up listeners for child events. So if I have a list of keys, and I know those keys point to posts, I could just set up a listener on each post (or the parent), and it will listen for additions/deletions/updates, right? In that sense, I’m not having to query the database for each change. I’d still have to query the database for each key on the initial load/mount, but then I wouldn’t have to deal with updating data in so many locations if, say, the user decided to change their display name or avatar. I’m just unclear if performance-wise it would be better to go through the complications of updating data like that just to save a little time on the initial mount, or if it’s better to let the user wait for a moment to fetch the initial data from Firebase.

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