Monday Medley: Graduation salaries, Virtual Reality, and Triggered

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Happy Monday! No Halloween in Argentina, which all things considered, is probably not a bad thing for my liver or glucose level.

New Article: “College Students, What Salary Do You ACTUALLY Need?

This article is a response to college students (especially at elite colleges) who think they need to make as much as possible upon graduation. I break down how to figure out what you actually need, which opens up the number and types of jobs you might consider. Not in college? Send it to someone who is!

3D / VR: I’ve been spending most of the last week (aside from writing) going nuts on learning 3D game development. If I stick with it, I’m planning on growing that into work on VR experiences. I’m extremely bullish and hyped about the future of VR and AR, which I’ll be talking about more soon, but for starters, I’d suggest checking out Kevin Kelly’s article on Magic Leap and the current state of VR. Also, I’m using Instagram as a commitment device, so if you want to see what I’m learning then follow me there.

Triggered: Joe Rogan’s new comedy special, “Triggered,” is new on Netflix and hilarious. It’s politically incorrect in all the ways good comedy should be, and manages to make you question cultural norms while also laughing your ass off. Not for the easily offended.

Sleep Deprivation Makes You Fat: This release from a study discusses findings that subjects who were sleep deprived had a 20% reduction in insulin sensitivity. Basically, if you want to keep a healthy weight, make sure you’re sleeping enough.

Uber Has Self-Driving Trucks: I had no idea Uber was even working on this, but they just made their first delivery with a self-driving truck. Considering truck driving is the biggest source of employment in the U.S, this should make for an interesting few years…

Beginner vs. Intermediate vs. Expert: This discussion is primarily about programming skill, but the concepts apply across any discipline with near infinite degrees of improvement and difficulty in quantifying individual ability. Worth a read for understanding where you fall on the “skill scale,”

Homo Dues, The Sequel to Sapiens: Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens(which you need to read if you haven’t), has published a second book, Homo Deus, but it’s not out in the U.S. yet (it was written first in Hebrew). Looks like it’ll come out in February in the US, but you can also order U.K copies maybe? I’ll probably wait till the proper English version comes out in the states, but it looks great!

Have a nice week :) 

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