Monday Medley: Nat Chat is LIVE! College is broken, more bacon, and jelly bean acne

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Medley in a minute, but first, I have some news I’m so excited about…
 My Podcast, Nat Chat, is LIVE and you can get the first episodes right here!
 I’ve been putting this together for the last couple months, recording the initial episodes, figuring out how to connect all the tubes so that it arrives in your ears, and the first three episodes just went live over the weekend.
 For the podcast, I’m focusing on topics I’ve wanted to explore in more depth, starting with college.
 Specifically, what do you do if you’re a college student or recent grad who feels like they don’t fit in the world of grades, lecture halls, and one size fits all careers?
 This was a big question for me as a student and is a huge challenge for thousands of other students stuck in a pretty broken education system, and I hope that this show can help expose other options for them and help them build lives they’re more excited about. 
 The first three episodes are live right now:

  1. The Intro
  2. Learning Anything One Project at a Time with Adil Majid
  3. Useful Skills, Silent Risk, and The End of Jobs with Taylor Pearson

I’m really, really excited to be working more directly on this topic, so if you or anyone you know is curious about it, please check out the show and share it with them.
 Okay, now some normal Medley stuff:
 Too Real Satire: A hilarious satire on the life hacking self optimization guru blogger niche. Definitely felt a little too real at parts… (Thanks for the recc Drew!)
 More Apps, Less Sex? Hidden in this article is an interesting nugget: millennials are having fewer sexual partners than past generations. That seems odd with the advent of dating apps, but maybe it’s a paradox of choice problem. People spend all their time in the apps and never actually meet up with people.
 More bacon! Hooray! More evidence that saturated fat does not clog arteries and that we need to rethink the recommendations given to people for coronary health. 
 Jelly beans linked to acne: Hey, if the data says it, then it must be true.
 Have a great week, and let me know what you think of the podcast!
 P.S. Thank you to everyone who reached out after the site hack to give their support. It really meant a lot, and made a seriously shitty situation much better. 
 P.P.S. Go check out Nat Chat!