Monday Medley: No More Soylent, Launching courses, and White privilege

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Heyo, welcome to April!
 New Article: “No, Soylent Isn’t Healthy. Here’s Why.
 I didn’t realize how many people actually believed Soylent’s marketing that it’s a healthy food alternative until I got to the bay area. Here’s everything that’s wrong with that idea, and why you should avoid it or at least treat it like other fake foods. 
 Amherst Takedown: I don’t like how this is titled, but it’s an excellent demonstration of the problems with privileged white guys in elite colleges trying to talk about privilege. If someone starts chastising you about the need to fix imbalances in society and how you’re a bad person for benefiting from them, your response should always first be to ask how they’ve surrendered their own privileges. 
 Weed Saves Lives: This is some pretty crazy data, but states that legalize marijuana for medical treatments see around a 25% decrease in deaths from opioid overdose. That is insanely important, opioid addiction and overdose has only become more of an issue with how carelessly physicians prescribe them, and if the replacement of opioids with marijuana can prevent that needless death, that needs to be happening faster.
 Course Launching: I also published a guest post this week on the Teachable blog about how to successfully launch a course. Definitely check it out if you’ve missed my more marketing / lifestyle business focused writing.
 Just for Fun: 2 out of 3 people are interested in trying a threesome
 Have a great week!

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