Monday Medley: WTF do I do now?

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Buenos días from Buenos Aires! I’m getting settled in here, and have a few new things for you this week.

New Article: “I Built a 4-Hour Workweek… What the Hell Do I Do Now?

I alluded to this last week, but I recently hit the point of having my automated income surpass my spending. This has been a goal for around 3 years, and now I’m left wondering what to do next. It’s a great problem to have, but a tough one, and I imagine I’ll be writing more about finding meaning in work post-money in the coming months.

Whoa: Earth Temperature Timeline.

Okay, I knew global warming was a problem, but when you frame the recent temperature increase against the last 22,000 years it’s staggering. Look at the slope!

Crooked Sugar: “Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research

This research article assessed other research published over the last ~50 years and found convincing evidence that the sugar industry has been sponsoring research into linking coronary heart disease to fat consumption in order to distract people from the problems of eating sugar. This likely had a massive influence on creating the obesity epidemic. Hopefully, this can be a tipping point to anger the public as much against refined sugar as tobacco.

Free Flights: If you aren’t doing a little bit of credit card gaming to get free points, I’d highly recommend it. I got my First/Business class fight to Buenos Aires completely free and it’s a GREAT feeling. I’d start by checking outAbroaders or the Churning subreddit.

Have a great week :)