Old World Entrance

My name is Nate Blackmore and I am in love with the Old World. As I’ve found ways to connect to our ecosystem through the study of the native plants and organisms that inhabit these spaces; I’ve found that we have stolen the carrying capacity of native species to promote our construction of a New World. This Old World on which we have built our orderly yet disconnected society, is more powerful and beautiful than most even realize. The plants that populate these seemingly empty grasslands pop up throughout the year, providing color and life to the various insect, bird, and animal species that rely upon them.

I have taken these pictures in areas spanning across the SF peninsula in California in order to try and capture the diversity presented by our distinct floristic province. I want to show people the amazing beings that go by unnoticed. There are so many small but vibrant organisms that populate our landscape, and it’s a shame that they no longer go noticed, or if they are, they may be picked by unknowing or inconsiderate humans.

I am from Redwood City and I love cruising through the hills of California. I have been taking pictures for the past five years. I took this class to further my photography method and to have an excuse to get out and take lots of pictures. I’m grateful to have captured such awesome wildflower displays this season.

Forgotten source of life.
Iris sp.
Mindego Hill
Lithopragma heterophyllum “Hillside Woodland Star” Marah fabaceus “ California Man Root”
Sequoia sempervirens “Coast Redwood”
Clintonia andrewsiana “Blue Bead Lilly”
Clintonia close up.
Plant’s thrive where people neglect.
Clarkia purpurea “Wine cups”
Calochortus luteus “Yellow Mariposa Lilly” Brodiaea sp. “Blue Dichs”