To Get You

You’ve got hang-ups, I’ve got mine
Maybe that makes this alright
We’ve got issues and that’s just fine
Maybe in discord we find delight

But I think you find it boring to just get along
To be copacetic, complementary feels wrong
You need passion, persuasion, compassion, dissuasion
Emphatic discourse in every situation

Casual talking doesn’t feel complete
And friendly conversation won’t satisfy
Weather, sports and cars can’t compete
Your insatiable yearning is hard to rectify

I feel I could love but I can’t relate
To the way you need to contemplate
The surreal, ethereal, corporeal, temporal
What’s gone, and here and eventual

You’ve got hang-ups and I’ve got mine
Maybe that’s why this can’t be true
We’ve got issues, and I resign
I don’t know how to get you

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