America’s Vote To ‘REMAIN’ Lesser Evil

What #Brexit Should Tell Democrats, If They Were Paying Attention

If the response to #‎Brexit‬ in the United States is simply “see, you better vote for Hillary because Trump cannot be allowed to win” then we are missing a big part of the conversation. Yes, Donald Trump’s campaign has been built on bigotry, fear, and empty-headed promises. But how did we get here?

The following quote is one of the best comments I’ve read regarding how we should analyze what’s happening right now in both the UK and the US:

“A more helpful response may be to view the result as a signal that neoliberal policies are causing profound economic pain to those w/in their borders, and we ought to identify how best to sustainably (and honestly) support those people.”

^ This is what’s missing from the Democratic Party establishment. They simply want us to continue to go along with the Neo-Liberal agenda because Trump’s promise to ‘Make America 1958 Again’ is quite scary to many of us. Especially people of color and women. However, it’s not just racism and prejudice that has fueled Trump, it’s the Neo-Liberal agenda that has outsourced and down-sized the “American dream.” The ‘New Democrats’ are beholden to the same corporate powers as the Republicans. We are living in a Corporate Oligarchy disguised as the United States of America.

In November, feel free to vote for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats (Especially Bernie-crats) but then what? Where do we go from here? The Trump supporters don’t go away. The middle-class is still shrinking and the average American cannot afford to go to college, or buy property and build equity. If we don’t radically shift the trajectory of our Economy, rebuild our Infrastructure, and put Education at the top of our list, we will be in for something that resembles a modern day fall of Rome.

The one bright spot however is that younger people are not buying into the status quo here in America, just as they did not support the nativist-led ‘BREXIT’ in the UK. It will be these young millennials that will have to be the ones brave enough to change this world because the older generation appears to be either too complacent, or too fearful. Regardless, we can no longer afford to unquestionably support a two-party system that tap-dances between Neo-Conservative and Neo-Liberal agendas, both beholden to the same corporate interests that perpetuate Economic Injustice and Endless War.

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