White Indifference Helped Kill Alton Sterling

Black Lives Matter, To Me. What About You?

We live in a world where Police can execute Black Americans over and over again on camera for all to see and yet so many of my fellow White Americans still require an exhausting argument to even acknowledge the possible existence of racism and injustice.

Alton Sterling pinned down and executed by Police

If it offends or disturbs you when people bring to your attention examples of systemic or latent racism, but doesn’t greatly bother you when you watch#‎AltonSterling executed on video, that’s exactly how deep this sickness has spread into the body of our nation.

It seeps from every conversation and movement we make and therefore many of us cannot even tell that it’s there. Especially those of us who do not daily experience these terrorizing effects first hand. This is why many of us can cry foul of the “justice system” when Hillary Clinton gets off scot-free, but remain supremely confident in the same system when it relates to the conduct and accountability of law enforcement, lawyers, and judges.

Not surprisingly, the people who are loudest when it comes to silencing the existence of racial injustice are almost always the people that have never had to experience oppression or targeting based on the color of their skin. In fact, those of you who constantly seek to deny the impact of structural racism, understand that you are playing a vital roll in ensuring that the injustice continues. If you might be one of these people, it would be very admirable to stop the madness and begin to work to be an ally instead.