Everyday we gain.

People too often say life is hard, life is stressful, and never easy. Well of course it isn’t but I have learned that these words aren’t exactly true. We only get one life one chance to do amazing things. To live happily. Sadly life isn’t a video game where you have unlimited re spawns or retrys when you mess up. You get one. That’s it. So why not make it the best life possible right? Now when people say life is hard I tell them no its not its simply unfamiliar, since we only get one we don't know what the future holds we don't know if we are making the right choices or if what seems like a good choice now will have a positive result. However, life comes with tools, tools that help make life well more familiar. School, emotions, other people, and your conscious are some of the tools life gives us to help make these decisions yes sometimes all of them get annoying but more often then not life is merely trying to send a message. So as I sit here listening to “Three little birds” By Bob Marley I send this message to you. Stop worrying stressing and everything. You are exactly where you are meant to be and if your stuck in a rut or down on your luck or just simply not happy where you are right now. Change some shit up! Quit your job, take a trip, request a day off and just drive 50 miles in one direction see where you end up, walk through the woods, gather up friends and just go do something even if it just sitting around a fire or sitting around a table eating. Do something! Your life is your choice and you have the ability to make it truly amazing! No matter where your life is right now every journey begins with a single step and single movement. There are a few keys to success and its really quite simple. Movement, Persistence, Consistence, Difference.

Movement: Move. Get up off the couch, put down the controller, the cell phone the laptop whatever screen your looking and go make your dreams come true. Pick up a pen and paper and write down everything you want in life move your hand across the page and let those dreams set into your brain! Remember every journey begins with a single step a single movement and it can be made at anytime! You got this!

Persistence: Be persistent with your dream, never give up on it! Continuously strive to make those dreams come true weather it be becoming a teacher, or fashions designer or whatever it is stick with it! In the words of Hannah Montana, “Lifes what you make it so lets make it rock” (yes I did in fact quote Hannah Montana/young Miley Cyrus

Consistence: Never slow down, never stop putting 100% effort into your dream, make your dream #1 in your life. because if you chasing you dream and doing what you love. Your going to find that it will make you happier then you have ever been before because you wont see it as work. Your going to see it as simply doing something you love. You’ll never work a day in your life if you chasing a dream!

Difference: Be different change shit up! Realize that nobody amazing or famous or successful became that way by being the same as everyone else they did it by standing out changing shit up and doing things different or even better then the way everyone else was. Again YOU GOT THIS!

Life is going to throw challenges speed bumps and twists and turns your way but everyday we become smarter then we were the day before. However we also come one day closer to the end. So why waste a single day when life goes by so swiftly. Make today your day! Your day to take that first step towards your dream towards you passion. Make today the first to the rest of YOUR life. Always remember when chasing your dream, you going to have haters, doubters and nay sayers but when people try to bring you down it only means your above them. Reach for the stars my friends, Live your dreams and eat ice cream!