a free idea:

“New Phone Who Dis?”

I took a thought in my head and turned it into a campaign.

The Slack feed at Day One Agency is littered with the best (and sometimes worst) of campaigns that we see and hear about. Very often we’ll be sitting in a brainstorm meeting and someone will say “you know what would be sort of awesome?” — even though we know our clients may not go for it. Rather than letting these ideas get pushed into the abyss of graveyard memories, I thought it would be more fun to actually push them onto the internet. Half of my reason is because I actually think this is a good idea and the other half is to time stamp the idea.

Side Note: I had an idea in 2008 for an app that could get you on-demand car service that I was convinced would be a success but nobody supported me. I’m not bitter about that at all.

The Client:

We are going to use T-Mobile for this campaign. T-Mobile is known for targeting millennials aggressively which makes them the perfect client for this idea. *T-Mobile is not a client of Day One Agency.

The Campaign:

Part of being able to come up with a good campaign idea that targets millennials is truly understanding who your audience is and the timing and landscape of cultural references as well as being able to come up with something that’s catchy and (gasp) kitchy even.

Pretty much everyone has sent back this message:

Hey, I’m so sorry, I just got a new phone and I didn’t import my contacts, so I don’t know who this is!

You didn’t get a new phone. You just don’t want to respond with: “Who are you?” From that cultural trend, the phrase “New Phone Who Dis?” was born. As millennials continue to shorten phrases and words (recently a friend of mine who is 27 sent me “PGY?” in a text message when I asked how their week was going… apparently PGY = Pretty Good You?) being able to capitalize on such vernacular can net positive results. You just have to be really careful you’re not coming across as a creepy guy by himself at the theme park.

The Campaign Art:

Words & Art by Nate Poekert

Why I think it works:

  1. It’s simple.
  2. It’s current & modern.
  3. It forces you to want to know what it is.
  4. It catches your eye.
  5. You never get lost in what you’re looking at.
  6. It’s something that people may share.

Like this idea? Shoot an email to hello@d1a.com so we can come up with more ideas for you :-)

Images c/o of Pathdoc on Shutterstock.