An Excerpt from My iPhone Diary

I see not why these things continue to plague me. My focus is lost to distractions, to the jewels to and fro, high and low. You are right past my nose, and you press your breath on me every second. Yet see you I do not, feel you much less. The voice I seem to hear isn’t the gentle voice of the Shepherd. In fact, I fear I may have forgotten its pleasant timbre.

Heart, cease to seek out satisfaction in the mountains. Spirit, halt your assault on the Great Beyond and turn your attention to the beauty placed before you — your creator. Fall in love once more, for the trillionth time, until forever expires and spills forth into another. You have forsaken the very force that awakened your soul. Your first love is the soft breeze that cooled your sweaty palms. He has not forgotten you.

He breathes on you this very moment, arms wide open. Come, child, into the embrace of a thousand suns.

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