Mapping Super Bowl LI Ticket Demand

Who’s shopping for SB51 tickets? Patriots fans seemed confident throughout the NFL playoffs, while Falcons fans waited until Atlanta secured its spot in Houston

Nate Rattner
Feb 5, 2017 · 2 min read

In just a few hours, 72,000 lucky fans will trade in the hottest ticket in sports to watch Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium in Houston. While the roar of the crowd will be a good way to judge support, a look at Super Bowl ticket shoppers on SeatGeek shows an even split among Patriots fans, Falcons fans, and those who may be there to simply eat barbecue and listen to Lady Gaga.

With two Texas teams still in the hunt, football fans from this year’s host state showed the most early interest, making up nearly 40 percent of ticket shoppers in the first two weeks of the NFL Playoffs. Interest — and prices— dropped quite sharply following the Cowboys loss to the Packers on January 15.

Patriots fans, no strangers to success in recent history, showed steady demand throughout the playoffs, making up between 15 and 20 percent of shoppers for much of the past month. While there are many ways to demonstrate fandom, there may be no better indication of New Englanders’ confidence in Tom Brady than this financial investment in a game nearly two thousand miles from home — before the team even officially clinched a spot on January 22.

Following relatively sparse interest over the first two weeks, demand from the state of Georgia skyrocketed following the Falcons’ NFC Championship victory over the Packers on January 22. Once the Super Bowl matchup was set, more than 20 percent of SeatGeek shoppers came from Georgia in the days following, outpacing fans from Massachusetts and Texas.

Last-minute demand has come largely from the host state: since Wednesday, nearly 40 percent of those looking for Super Bowl tickets on SeatGeek have been in Houston, while 10 percent each have been in Massachusetts and Georgia. Those last-minute shoppers may be locals wishing they were preparing to watch Brock Osweiler suit up instead of Brady, but could just as likely be Patriots and Falcons fans who made the trip down to Houston with the intention of keeping an eye on the ticket market.

The map at the top of this story is a heatmap built with Carto, visualizing the location of Super Bowl 51 ticket shoppers from January 2 to today. The data comes from SeatGeek, where we use our proprietary ticketing data to tell stories and shine light on the biggest events in sports and music.

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