Library Technology Digest- Issue no. 41

A weekly post of technology articles for librarians.

Goodbye Internet Explorer — It’s hard to believe Internet Explorer has been around for 20 years, but I suppose all things must come to an end. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 (their next operating system) will not include IE, but feature a new browser currently going by the name Spartan.

Overdrive acquired by Rakutan — Overdrive has announced it will be acquired by Japanese company Rakuten for $410 million. Rakuten owns the Kobo eReader. “The deal is expected to close in April this year, after which OverDrive will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary.”

Barrington’s library podcast — Barrington Area Library launched a weekly podcast in December 2014 that features interviews with local entrepreneurs and business owners. “The beauty of podcasting is that it works for a variety of users. And as podcasts can be created very easily and uploaded in a matter of minutes, they are a great way to easily and quickly share stories and connect community members.”

Obama names first Chief Digital Officer — Jason Goldman will be the executive branch’s first Chief Digital Officer heading the administration’s Office of Digital Stategy. Goldman is best known for his work with Google, Blogger, Medium, and Twitter. “Goldman said on Medium that the crux of his job “will be to help create more meaningful online engagement between government and American citizens.””

ProQuest teaming up with Google — ProQuest has partnered with Google to allow full text of its articles to be indexed in Google Scholar. This means that if a user starts in Google Scholar they will easily find and access ProQuest content (after authentication).

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