Why you should argue with your employees and embrace internal team conflict
Claire Lew

Ah, this is helpful. I was beginning to wonder if it was just me… but I expect argument; to the point where, over time, if we’ve never argued I start to have questions about our relationship (work, personal, or otherwise).

To extend this a bit, I think in relationships people see agreement as a way to grow and deepen the relationship, and disagreement as a way to distance and harm the relationship. But I see agreement AND disagreement as ways to grow and deepen relationships. I expect to be engaged.

Part of the assumption for people, in my estimation, is that they haven’t seen many examples of healthy disagreement/arguing. They only know what it looks like when people disagree and then seek to harm one another (emotionally, mentally, conceptually, credibly, and maybe even physically). It doesn’t have to be this way, and not just because we avoid disagreement or arguing (as you’ve pointed out so well).

Thanks again!

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