Understanding the Blue Church
Jordan Greenhall

I do have another question… the move to symmetry based media is a driving force in the death of current asymmetry, broadcast based media, as you’ve pointed out. Is there any reason to try to ‘save’ the old companies/model/whathaveyou? There’s a lot of work in actual media to convince people into supporting (sometimes by force through rewritten laws and other forms of coercion) those very same (very old) media models and companies. On an individual level I, at times, almost feel like I should subscribe to my city’s newspaper, as an example… though I’m not always sure why; I won’t read it. The content is relevant, but the model is not. Similar thrashing for relevance can be seen in churches and denominations, not because the content is irrelevant, but because the model is irrelevant.

Again, my question is if there is a ‘should’ in this: Should we kill off or neglect (to their own death) these old remnants of a now irrelevant model?

(Sorry for splitting these across 2 comments… you got my mind whirring.) :)

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