Musical Thesis: Josh Ritter “Bringing in the Darlings”

At the center of every album is a musical thesis. For Josh Ritter’s “Bringing in the Darlings,” I see an artist questioning life. In those moments, he is asking the most profound question in the universe, “Why?” Why not be happy? Why not allow yourself to be loved? Why hate? These aren’t easy questions to answer but questions that must be answered if we truly desire to ever find some sense of purpose.

He explores love further by sketching a story of it returning home. As someone who has had to be away from his partner from time to time, I can relate to the idea of longing for something so badly it hurts. It clouds your judgment and makes you wish for the slow hands of time to find a higher gear. But, when it arrives, it arrives triumphantly. For me, I then rediscover how time and distance can make a relationship stronger.

Finally, Mr. Ritter explores our need to be loved and cherished by someone special. As we begin to answer those most profound of questions, we discover the answers come more easily with someone standing by our side. Truly, this life is better experienced when shared with someone else. To stand on the inside of love, makes life worth living.

Be good to each other,