The Shadow is dead, long live the Shadow!

I just watched the video interview with Brian Williams where he opens up to Matt Lauer from the Today show. The first interview since he was suspended from his position as NBC Nightly News anchor.

I honestly didn’t know that he had been suspended or why for that matter. I hadn’t read anything on the story anywhere before this. The video is the only bit of information that I have seen on this topic. That is to say, what I am about to write is based on my own thoughts after watching the video only. Thoughts from directly seeing the video and nothing more. Really. No Facebook comments shared. No Twitter conversations had. No Today or other articles on the suspension when it happened etc. Just the video.

Towards the end Mr. Lauer seems to be asking for a submission of more lies which may have been committed in the past. More lies other than the “chopper lie” that is. Though, Mr. Williams isn’t willing to give any other accounts. Why? Because it wasn’t him who lied.

What? It wasn’t him who lied? Of course it was him who lied I’m sure you will say. You’re just as egotistical as Mr. Williams if you think he can say things, lies even and then not take responsibility for them. This I can imagine hearing you say.

Well, for me, it is clear he is taking responsibility for his actions. He is very apologetic for said actions, and although he is still very careful with his words, he doesn’t directly address all the lies one by one for example, he isn’t trying to cover up anything about what happened. He is, in fact, taking full responsibility.

You see, it wasn’t him who committed the lies, rather, it was shame. It was fear. It was “ego.” It was the un-conscience. It was the Shadow!

I’m not defending him or making excuses for him, however. He and only he is to be held accountable and he knows that but, (and there is always a but isn’t there?) that Shadow, oh it’s a tricky Devil. It can grow little by little over the years without you even knowing it. When it shows it’s evil head you can try pushing it down and back to where it came from. You can even try to hide from it. You can try to wash it away with drugs, alcohol and or workaholism etc. Any kind of addictive, neurotic or compulsive behavior will do to keep it at bay and well hidden. Well hidden for awhile, anyway.

Hidden away until you see it’s evil eyes peering through at you from the other side of the room. From the Dark into your house of Light, your place of Consciousness. You can run fast and far and you can try all of the tricks you have in your bag and more to get away from it but, you will fail to ever really escape the Shadow.

You will fail because the more you try to hide from it the more it hides from you. This is counter intuitive, I know. In fact, the Shadow is dubiously smart. Often times you didn’t even know it was there until it’s too late. Too great is the Shadow for your bag of tricks. It will find you again and again. And when you least suspect it. It’s always there, behind you, yes, like your own shadow always following steadily afoot. You circle around to see it but, it’s gone again. Yet, it’s still there because, most often times, you can just feel it down below the surface.

A tower built upon Trust no less!

The Shadow was given to you a along time ago, probably when you were a child and you’ve done nothing but hide from it. Nothing but avoid it all this time. Now it’s come back, after all these years, to reclaim you. Reclaim you as it’s most weakest of victims. To watch as you fall from the spotlight. Fall from the lofty tower of success you’ve built. A tower built upon Trust no less!

The origin of your Shadow might be different from mine. It might be different from Mr. Williams. Either way, it’s probably there and it can, and most likely will, overcome you at some point in your life.

Some people live in a constant state of Shadow. Blinded by it their whole life. Their time spent walking the earth in fog like state. Like an epidemic of Zombies. But, instead of eating everyone else's brain, it devours your own!

It’s that feeling of less-than. It’s about acting out what you think you should be instead of being who you really are. It’s about feeling you need to tell stories on top of meaningful stories i.e. what we see as lies but, these aren’t the usual lies you and I have come to know or hear about. These are lies built deep from within the un-conscience, in this case, built to try and get people to love you. Love you because, when you don’t love you — you think others also don’t love you and that’s a hard pill to swallow. A hard pill, even for the most consciously enlightened human to take. So, you make up a story without even knowing it. This isn’t about lies told to others. This is about lies told to yourself.

A can of worms will be opened when you finally start the process to address your Shadow. You can go back to the source by analyzing your past. Swords drawn! Swords of intent and betterment. Swords pointed towards the deepest darkest enemies of your inner most mind. You can go to battle and bring the Shadow fully into the Light; if you’re courageous enough. It’s “The Road Less Traveled” indeed.

I use words like “battle” and “enemy” but, remember, it’s you we are talking about. You are in a battle with yourself and you’re the only one who can win or loose. This isn’t like any battle you’ve ever fought or experienced before. Like I said, often times you don’t even know you’re at war. But, you are.

You’re not alone!

If you’re lucky you won’t have to go it alone. If you’re not too proud (ego again?) you can get the help you need. You can find a Guide of Light who has been down, down there in the dark. One who has made it back, a Survivor maybe? You don’t have to do it alone. An outstretched arm and hand to pull you up and back into the light of day again is all you may need. You’re not alone!

You’re still feeling the shock, Mr. Williams, I’m sure. Not everything yet makes sense. You can see it all clearly but, it’s too much information for your mind to piece together and process as one coherent piece of digestible information. You understand it but, you don’t fully know how to explain it to others so they too can understand it as you have.

You’re still unravelling things from your past. Still digging up holes to only find more holes need to be dug. What do you do with all that extra dirt sitting there now? Some of it is a muddy mess! It probably won’t ever fully clear until it’s had time to settle. Time to clear itself. Time for the Shadow to heat and disperse away. To defog.

People will probably never completely understand because they are missing context. They are missing your experiences. They are missing perspective. They have not walked a mile in your shoes. They haven’t carried you’re Shadow. Any one of them would be in shock after what you’ve been through, after what you’ve discovered, after what you’ve dug up. Dug up after all these years. After you’ve battled first hand, with the Shadow.

There is only one way to beat the Shadow.

To my knowledge there is only one way to beat the Shadow. You have to confront it. You must confront it! You have to confront it directly and head on. You have to go down that road towards the darkness and hope to God you will survive the “torture” (as Mr. Williams himself described it.) Oh, the amount of agony you are going to face. The pain from your own past and from within your own mind. This one of the greatest battles you’ve possibly faced within your life time.

I highlight, and at the same time emphasis, the word torture because that is where it starts. That’s the first step. You’ve hit rock bottom. The Shadow is now staring you down. There is only one of two ways you can go from here. Torture, the recovery, the process, call it whatever you like, you have to go through it. Some people don’t make it back alive but, it’s life’s ritual and the great right of passage.

I know it’s not easy. The Shadow has taken all that you’ve worked so hard for over 20+ years, I suspect more, and crushed it like a flailing Sea Lion in the mouth of a Great White Shark as it leaps out of the water with immense speed. Out of the water into the open air. Into the air with you wrapped in a death grip of razor sharp teeth and bone crushing jaws of destruction! Helpless.

But you, Mr. Williams, Brian, you were not helpless! You could have taken the easy road and just admitted you lied. Mr. Lauer even asked you why you just did not admit you lied in the interview. That was the easy road, the quick route but, you chose not to take it. You knew that was just more dishonesty. You stood up to the Great White, you stood up to the Shadow and you came out through the other side, straight through the darkness. You chose to bring it into the Light with you. You are now a Survivor and a great Warrior. You’ve met and spoken with the Hero. You are now a better Man!

You grabbed the enemy and have taking it for the ride of it’s life. An enemy so dark and hidden, on a ride right into the Light. This is no easy feat and you should feel proud of yourself. The good pride that is. The pride of Joy!

I, for one, see what you’ve done, Mr. Williams. I see it! I suspect others will see it too. I see you didn’t take the easy road. I can appreciate you standing up for yourself. Standing up against a Goliath of a foe, the ever so feared Shadow. Y0u have spoken a deadly blow to the Shadow. Yes, spoken. You have opened it’s eyes and let the Light shine in using your own inner words as you’re tool, your sword. The magical words of thought. The words from your friends, family and those words from the Guide of Light and others. I’m sure there were many.

You can never really be rid of the Shadow completely, can you?

You have won this battle today but, you can never really be rid of the Shadow completely, can you? It’s within you. It’s within us all. You can, however, understand it for what it is. You can bring it into the Light. You can bring it out and into the open as I think you have shown us all. Out to a place where it can no longer control you. This is how you heal the bloody wounds of pain. The death grip of ego. The twisted Zombie Fog. The Demons of Shame. Bring it into the Light I say! Out into the open so to stop the bleeding. To tunicate the blood which runs over your own eyes and blinds you. To heal the wounds. To heal.

With your eyes now wide open, the fog now dispersed, you will mostly likely see the scars. These scars will always be there as a reminder of how far you’ve come. Cherish them. The scars of experience. These, the scars, of Life. You have brought the Shadow into the Light, and as a result, you have grown. You have lived to fight another day. You are now one step closer with the Self, Yourself, the Universal Shine.

Well done, Mr. Brian Williams, I applaud you.

The Shadow is dead, long live the Shadow!