This is not an article. It’s the beginning of something really special…

My name is Nathan Twyman, but I also go by “Lucid”. I’m no different than any other human being on this planet. I’m breathing, I’m thinking, and I’m dreaming big. I’m here for many reasons, and I’d like to address a few of them:


Something that has plagued me my entire life has been fear. The fear of speaking my mind. The fear of starting. The fear of putting things out there for others to see. The fear of fear. You name it, it scares me. My goal is to train like a Gladiator and fight this fear. I know what I need to do. Now, I simply have to step into the arena.


I’ll say this every day until the day I die: Creating is everything. Making things is what makes the world turn. It’s why we’re all here. And it’s why we all die. While I’m still alive, I’m determined to create as many things as possible. No matter how big or small. If me or somebody can see value in a creation, it is worth creating.


I am not exaggerating when I say that I know next to nothing about anything. I don’t know how to write articles or produce content. I’m literally typing stuff down and watching what happens. But knowing nothing is the first step towards learning. I’ve recently been given the opportunity to learn a lot, and I’m not going to waste it.


I’ve been inspired by so many things and people, many of which I’ve never even met. The stories I’ve read and the people I’ve discovered have inspired me in countless ways. I see the value in true inspiration, and want to return that value to others. My goal is to be my best in all I do in hopes that I can inspire someone else.

All this information is for nobody except myself. I write it as a reminder to myself. Of what I am, what I want, and how I will get there. The plan is to come back to this piece somewhere down the road and see what progress I’ve made towards these goals and values. Time will tell…

Enough talk. Let’s get started.

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