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August Brice

To be honest, your list is lacking. 10 examples is probably not enough for just one of the “symptoms”, let alone 1 for each of 10 different. In addition, some of the studies you cite lack significant sample sizes. And in the case of the cited “behavior” change, the study isn’t even focused on electromagnetic radiation but rather just on daily cellphone use (I think we can all agree that we should be on our phones less). I’m not saying that it isn’t possible, but as some others have listed, the WHO has found that studies so far are inconclusive ( Following that link, you will notice that the WHO would have a more comprehensive finding at the end of last year, but I couldn’t find such a publishing. Looking a bit further, there are plenty of examples proving the opposite.

Granted, those are all blogs on the subjects, but they come from reputable sources in the industry with lots of links to studies that are good and in some cases better than ones that you’ve cited. Again, my argument is more that this topic is still open and the science is still being vetted. It is very dangerous in my mind to act like we are all dying from EM radiation when that may very well not be the case.

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