A Man of Few Words IV

Shitstorm tunage.

As I finally come up for air from what has been a shit-tastic couple of months of work, it’s time to share some of the music that’s gotten me through the shit-monsoon.

Listen to the fourth iteration of A Man of Few Words below, and read further if you’d like to zero in on a few of the special tracks.

First off, within the first few tracks you’ll notice that the big bass trend from AMOFW3 continues. If there’s one thing Soundcloud is great for, it’s these kinds of tracks. Big bass, basement production, headphone music. Here are some highlights:

Mura Masa — Lovesick Fuck

Mura Masa made an appearance on a previous mixtape with a song called Suicide Blades, that is awesome. Lovesick Fuck — off his newest EP — picks up right where he left off.

Whispa — L A C E

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the bassiest of them all? This guy by far. There’s not much more to say aside from that. Just enjoy it.

Lapalux — Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana)

Off one of the best releases of the year, Lapalux’s Lustmore record, Puzzle has a long sultry build to it, and gets really complex/awesome at the back end in100% Lapalux fashion.

Flamingosis — One For Madlib

Having appeared on a previous AMOFW, Flamingosis is back with another get-stuck-in-your-head-all-damn-day song.

Thanks for listening/hope you dig. And if you know ears that would enjoy these sounds, send it their way. Until next time.


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