The British Invasion

The best Electronica music out there is being made across the pond. Let’s have a listen, shall we?

As an American, I can’t help but wonder what the UK is putting in their water supply. I’d also like to ask them to pipe some of it over here to the states. Because at this very moment, the Brits are simply killing it.

Let me introduce you to a few of my favorites. Headphones on, please.

Maths Time Joy

Maths Time Joy aka Tim Worthington, is a 22-year old producer from the heart of London. His tracks have a whole lot of soul to them. Often they’ll start with some sultry vocal clips, and as the track continues, you can almost hear him build an immersive bass-filled environment. Let Go is one of those songs. It builds slowly and finishes strong at the end. If you dig it, check out more of his awesome sounds/remixes here. Be sure to listen to Walk With Me, Guardian, and his remix of Karma Kid’s In My Arms.


Ambassadeurs aka Mark Dobson hails from Brighton, and continues to one-up himself with one bass-heavy, exquisite percussive hit after another. I’m particularly fond of his remixes, although some of his 100% original stuff is excellent as well. The production value of his tracks is off the charts, and rewards the listener the first time they hear one of his tracks, as well as the 30th time. If you dig the remix above, definitely give the following a listen: Lucid, Trouble, Duke Red, and some of his older stuff including the song that first alerted me to his talent Memphis. Here he is on Soundcloud.


Lapalux aka Stuart Howard has a dirtier, more abrasive sound. Dirty in the sense that you could probably hear his songs after 3am in a sweaty underground UK club. His stuff has a very headphones-friendly sound to it — lots of deep, fuzzy bass, impeccably-layered percussion and atmosphere, and a lot of increases and decreases of volume that play with the ears. Some other Lapalux tracks that aren’t to be missed are The Hours, Forgetting and Learning Again, and his AWESOME remix of Breton’s The Commission. Listen to more of his stuff here.

Rain Dog

Rain Dog aka Samuel Evans has quietly produced some of my absolute favorite/most emotive music of the past few years. A little bit softer than the previous three UK producers I’ve talked about, Rain Dog is a master of creating warm, inviting soundscapes. Again, production value is through the roof with Rain Dog, but I find that his tracks take me places more than the others. He recently released his album Two Words in February, and it’s front-to-back my favorite record of the year so far. If you dig the above track, definitely give his records a spin — you wont be disappointed. Some of my personal favorite tracks are Like A Lame Man Stepping, Think of You, Writer’s Block, and Cloven. Hear more Rain Dog here.

This is my first Medium post about music, but I rather like the platform’s ability to share music within bigger context. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this tour through my favorite Electronica from the UK. And as a bonus, here’s a track from another UK producer who is blowing up at the moment — though a slightly different, more hip-hop influenced style. Beautiful stuff.


Thanks for reading. More soon.

PS: I make mixtapes.

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