Ripped Pants and Jesus

The other day, I was at my sister’s house and we were having dinner and I knocked a tomato out of my bowl and onto my pants. It was one of those moments that you think, I am an idiot. But these things happen to the best of us. It was not a huge deal. These were however my favorite pants and if I’m being honest, they looked fantastic on me. I realized in that moment that I had spilled dressing on them. I decided it would be best to clean them. As i put my leg on the chair to clean them, I heard the worst possible sound. It was the sound of sheer horror. My pants had just ripped. Of course they were not only stained, but now they had a gaping hole in them. It went from a manageable stain to the end of the line for my pants. The pants were no longer wearable. In that moment I was disappointed. I realized that these were just a pair of pants. I could go and buy an identical pair and it would not make a difference. It was in that moment that God said, “your life is like your ripped and stained pants.” I was not exactly sure what He meant. How could I be a pair of pants? What significance could this hold?

What he was teaching me was something I had heard in church that very morning. The truth that God will not build on a faulty foundation. He will never take our brokenness or our failures and build himself over it. He will always start over fresh. We are the product of his love, mercy, and grace. He does not want to “fix” our lives by placing a patch over the gaping hole of our depravity. He wants to start fresh and be the cornerstone of our lives. The truth is a pair of pants are only good when they are intact. A building is only as stable as its weakest link. Christ knows this. He wants to start over new in our lives.

When Christ comes into our lives, He accepts us for who we are. He took scared and insecure Nate to the store. I was wearing those same pants, that were stained and had a huge hole in them. He bought me a new pair. He did not pay in cash. He did not pay with His credit card or even His words. He paid with his blood. He not only bought me a new pair of pants but he said that He would never leave me with stains or holes in my clothes again. He said at the counter that He has paid for all future purchases and said that He loved me. I glanced up at the name tag of the cashier and it read “Abba.” In that moment I realized that Christ paid to restore me. He paid the ultimate sacrifice so that I could be made new. He has gone before me as an advocate on my behalf because I would never be able to afford a new pair of pants. I would be stuck wearing the ones that had stains and holes in them.

Sometimes just being aware of who we are in Christ will allow us to see things that we never would have seen if we had not been paying attention.

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