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Cheyenne Davis aka The Shy Social

I love it I love I love it, ok but I am new at this and just begun blogging, reason because it is personal to my life. I have struggled for years not knowing my direction and what I wanted to do, and mainly just not participating in life. When I finally was enlightened it took a lot for me to pull myself out of the imprisonment of my mind. I knew I had no more time left there in that state and I needed to be something and something else, I just didn’t know how, it is torture to know that something needs to be done but don’t have the tools. Anyway I created a space to encourage and be apart of women coming back from the dead, I share what works for me because I am still on my journey, but there (Boundless Cup) we can build together and encourage self-develop celebrate and motivate, and so far I been on everyday, trying to make it better for those who visit but I don’t know the ins and outs so its a bit difficult but I will not give up. So what advice would you give to new bloggers and how to make mine more successful.

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