It makes me sad to look back and have no memories, no accomplishments.

Now to you that may sound kinda dumb but, it's true.

I have done nothing this whole year but stare at a phone

and worry about followers, comments, likes.

Even when I hang out with friends

we will all stare at a phone and worry about followers, comments,and likes.

Great memories right? I don't think so.

It's as if we are all living our lives on the internet,

some say we are growing up with social media

but sadly some of us are living on social media so dependent on this fake world.

Don't give me wrong I love technology and social media

it has a lot of great factors but we need to be balanced with life.

I don't want to grow up one day and say

“when i was your age I had 800 followers or I had the most likes on instagram”

I'm not saying we all need to put our phones down and

do some physical activity because

I know not all of us enjoy sports or such other outdoor activities

but to put down the phone so you are able to grow as a human being

become more knowledgeable and interact with the physical world around you .

I realized this after putting down my phone for one week

Not using my phone felt like hitting play on a movie

I was living I felt alive!

But i was able to notice that all these people were staring at a screen and

It disappoints me that our society has dedicated their lives

Only to stare at phone/computer.

“I dream that all of us will learn to one day live again and do much greater things without relying on technology.”