Recreational Marijuana: Too relaxed?

“It was a perpetual escapism that made returning to reality harder every time I used it to escape”

These are the words of Derek Hill, a former drug addict who experienced the worst that marijuana has to offer: the experience he described as a “psychotic break”

Derek used to live in Cincinnati, and his life was very different. He spent most days watching movies, smoking weed, and looking for more movies to watch and weed to smoke. After his “psychotic break”, he realized he needed to make a change, and started to go to God with this insurmountable problem. Years later, he moves away, all but fully recovered from his dark past.

After his addiction, Derek moved up to Kent and has lived drug-free ever since. He is a part of an on-campus bible study and enjoys spending time with his roommates and others from the bible study.

Derek accounted a variety of effects that he linked to the usage of marijuana. He experienced a lack of emotion, using the drug to escape from his feelings. Also, while under these effects, started to drift farther away from social interaction, to the point that if someone suggested he do anything else, it was “unacceptable” to him. Finally, he started to draw strange conclusions in his mind, leading his mind farther from reality until he had a “psychotic break”

Many states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and other for use recreationally. The drug has many positive effects for patients with cancer or chronic seizures, and the plant can be used for many other purposes. Recreationally, it is used to relax, calm nerves, and relieve anxiety.

There are many publications praising the positive health effects of marijuana, and others that cite evidence for its harmful effects. The drug can help with anxiety and depression, as well as other serious physical ailments such as some types of cancer. However, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, excess use of the drug can lead to serious consequences to mental and physical health such as harming the development of the brain. It can also act as a “gateway drug” leading to use of more serious and potentially life-threatening drugs.

Given this information, serious consideration should be taken when choosing to legalize or use marijuana.

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