Navaratri (sanskr. नवरात्रि, lit. meaning «nine nights») is one of the most important holidays for shaktists and hindu in general. The holiday lasts 9 days and nights. Nights are especially important as according to the tantra it is the best time for worshipping the Goddess. First 3 days and nights of Navaratri focuse on aspects of the goddess Kali, second on the goddess Lakshmi and the last three on the goddess Sarasvati.

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After autumn Navaratri (on the tenth day of the light half of the month Ashvin) Dussehra is celebrated. This day is also called Vijayadashami (the victorious tenth day). The tenth day after spring Navaratri is Ramanavami. According to the Puranas, the great Goddess Durga, who symbolizes the Shakti of all Deities, was fighting with demons during 9 days and nights. At the end she conquered the mightiest of them — Mahishasura. …

The article of Guru Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj, journal “Adesh”.

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Shiva and Shakti

In this article I would like to introduce you to the concept of vāmāchāra in Indian Tantra. In Hinduism vāmāchāra is considered to be a closed form of worship. It is closed for many reasons, three of them, the most significant, are listed below:

Vāmāchāra uses “impure” (as considered by the orthodox Hindu religion) elements as offerings to deities. …

Prana is usually associated with consciousness, and with his work. Also prana is associated with breathing, but prana means “vital energy”, and it especially manifests itself in breathing, because breathing is important function in our organism.

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But all other processes in the body such as metabolism, digestion, temperature, operation of the nervous system, reproductive, circulatory, muscular and other depend on prana. …


Natha Yoga School

The founder is Yogi Matsyendranath, the first of foreigners who began actively spread the Natha Tradition outside India.

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