Social Media and Women in Tech: YeahGirlsCode’s message at the Panel Discussion held at Plexal, East London

“Women in Tech: What We Don’t Say” (4rth April 2018) @Plexal
Incredible design @Plexal -I thought of this as the “Bookshelf of the Future” : the more we read, the more there’s left to write. Here’s to building an ever better world -this time with lines of code?
  • On the Key Role of Social Media in Bringing Girls into Tech and STEM: what is perceived as “Glamorous” influences the behaviour and interests of young people, for the better or the worse
My friend @ fakyou — Influencer, web developer and cybersecurity ms candidate — her posts often spark heated comments and debates.
  • Gender Quotas ARE needed, but we need more: they do not fix the root of the problem.
  • On femininity
Yeah girls code: Breaking down stereotypes in Software Engineering and bringing in’ the girls
  • Conclusion

I repeat - if you read this and you are a woman involved in STEM or the Tech world: be visible! Document your work and days. You will not realise how many girls you inspire.



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