Reverse Innovation

I predict a new wave of simple technology. More and more people are starting to steer away from the intense social interaction of smartphones and debunk themselves into more simple beings, doing just that- being.

Constantly posting on Instagram, capturing every moment on Snapchat and walking aimlessly and zombie-like catching Pokemon isnt for everyone. Whatever happened to discovering a new restaurant without the help of Yelp, or taking the scenic route by accident, without the help of Google Maps guiding you through the quickest route?

Living in the moment, which was once overrated, has now become underrated. Bringing back simplicity or as I like to call it- reverse innovation, will be the future of technology. This wont be for everyone of course; just for those within the veganism, fair trade, and electric cars users subcultures (to name a few).

Picture a beautifully designed phone, with minimal yet optimal features. Maybe made out of glass, granite, marble, titanium, something just visually beautiful. Calling, texting, and exquisite camera, will be the only features. The call feature will be voice activated- you wont even need an address book in there, texting will be emoji free so you can get straight to the point without the unnecessary cutesy shit, and the camera will be DSLR worthy. Not much else to do on here. But thats the beauty of it. Humans can go back to living in the moment rather than living through their smartphones. Of course these smart and lively individuals likely have jobs, and need to check emails every once in a while and be work accessible- which leads me to me my next prediction: The Return of the Blackberry!

Minimalism, Simple Design, Functionality.

I`m not opposed to technology and its purpose. I appreciate it all of it! I see the difference its making in the world. I see how connected its made us, I understand the impact its had in the progression of the human species. Its a beautiful thing, it really is. But is oversharing just a term of the past, is there even a such thing as oversharing in 2016? Has living in the moment become obsolete? I hope not, because that`s also a beautiful thing. Some of my best and most memorable afternoons have been spent phoneless, (yes I am one of those people that leaves their phone at home) and are not seen on Instagram, yet they do exist.

The new iOS 10 update is applaud worthy. It has tens of thousands of features to keep consumers on their phones, constantly. There`s so much to do, so much to see, so much to explore and play around with. There`s so much! Almost too much. But isnt that the point? These hardware companies have the products and the data to convince the masses that every second of their day needs to be and should be spent on their phones. Its gift, with endless possibilities, but do we also see the curse?

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