Meet the Founder: Jo Cooper, Cloud Insurance

We sat down with Jo Cooper, founder of Cloud Insurance, to talk about how her product is protecting citizens against identity theft, cyberbullying, and other misuses of their personal information. Here’s what she said…

Q. Can you introduce yourself?

Jo: My name is Jo Cooper and I am the founder of Cloud Insurance. We are developing social innovation that, most importantly, helps you protect your online privacy and manage the rightful access to your personal information.

Q. What does Cloud Insurance do?

Jo: The world is full of data. Data, data, data. In a digital society, we are constantly connected. But we need to understand that some of those connections are not neccesarily working for us or no longer serve us. We’re looking to build a product that evokes privacy technology and basically protects you against misuse of your personal data, bullying, cyber threats, and identity theft.

Q. How does your product work?

Jo: We want to enable technology to automate to revoke your data when it’s no longer required. We use an opt out instrument — and our product is called ‘Opt Out’ — to simplify that process.

Q. What was a pivitol moment for your business?

Jo: As a resident of Stone & Chalk, it has really enabled us a spring board access into government.

We would like to think some of our primary successes have been the ability to represent citizens and grassroots individuals and table their privacy concerns across ministers, privacy commissioners, even the United Nation’s expert on the ‘right to be forgotten’. Representing the citizen on this matter is really important to us.

Q. What do you see ahead for your business?

Jo: Especially in Australia, I think we’ve got a brilliant opportunity to become expert leaders in digital identity and data security. We were really excited to see the Federal Productivity Commission starting to discuss data flows and an open data economy and offering to put more opt out controls. We cannot have a one way street with data. It can’t just all go in with your personal details. It needs to come out as well. We need to have choices in place to do that.

Q. What do you like most about working on Cloud Insurance?

Jo: Cloud Insurance for me is a combination of my 30 years in technology. I’ve had the opportunity to work internationally across thought leaders. As someone who has seen multi million dollars worth of technology during my career, I have seen how that will have actually created environmental damage.

I feel passionate about leaving a legacy for future generations which will be defaulted with technology in their hands and making sure their digital experience is safe and enriched.

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