A gift for my daughter

My daughter was born almost 2 years ago now & I fall in love with her. She is the best gift ever. I enjoy every moment with her.

After her birth, I got this idea of doing an app, a book & some related products. 123 Frutty was born. The name came later. Back in dec. 2013, I have started to do some illustrations & quickly went on designing some screens. I have explored 3 different software to make am interactive prototype: Flinto/InVision/Marvel.

After experimenting with Flinto, I was able to make a prototype running on my iPhone, the same night. I was blown away! I left them due to pricing ($20 per month) for InVision since, there was a free plan but it was too laborious. Finally, I choose Marvel (free plan) & easy to use. I am happy to share my prototype, v.1 now that we can embed it into Medium. It has never been shared widely yet. I have kept this project a bit too secret!

While taking, a group mentoring session with Amy from Pikaland, I shared my idea with her & the group. The same night, I launched a first one page website — not the best design — but at some point you have to ship! thanks Amy, it was the kick that I needed!

Few weeks later, I have reworked on the logotype & created a new landing page. Between, day job, art exhibitions & moving, my project took a slow development but I kept improving the design.

123 Frutty is scheduled to be launch, June 20, 2015 with its own shop.

123 Frutty App Project

For now, you can enjoy the Kindle version of the FR version.

This week-end, I have just released the paperback version, available on Blurb. It is twenty pages, all color dedicated. After June 12, 2015 it will be on Amazon as well.