#9. Sarina from ‘Mello’: a dreamer with a plan.

Last July Talent Grid was asked to find 8 designers or shop owners who wanted to open a pop-up store during the city festival ‘Gentse Feesten’ (15–23rd of July).
All 8 spots were eventually given to lovely and energetic women. They didn’t know each other at forehand and neither did I (set apart from Carmen, known from my first Medium article). Yet they managed to get the show on the road in only 4 days. Imagine! And if short on imaginative power: Just check out the pictures in the
Facebook event.
Because I’m always intrigued in getting to know the person behind the entrepreneurial image, I will be publishing a short interview every week.

This week is Sarina’s turn. She’s an amazing patissier who makes fresh marshmallows. She hands people ‘Mello moments’, with a heart of sweetness. She answered the 12 questions of these interview series and was photographed by Michiel Devijver.
“Thanks for sharing a piece of your talent, Michiel. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself, Sarina.”
© Michiel Devijver — Sarina Linthout, 2017

12 answers as a guide to her portrait

#1. Who are you?

A passionate woman with drive. A dreamer! When I get my teeth into something, it’s hard to let go, both on professional and personal level. That’s why it can take more time for me to let go or zoom out.

#2. Who did you want to become when you were little?

I am who I am now and that’s for the best.

#3. When did you become who you are now?

It happened in the year I was an intern in NYC. That’s where I got to know myself. Since then it’s become clear what I want to accomplish in the personal and professional domain of my life. All of a sudden my look broadened. I gasped upon a much bigger world. It’s definitely ‘The city where dreams are made of.’ I believe where there’s a will there’s a way.

Better an ‘Oops’ than a ‘What if’.

#4. What was the last tipping point in your life?

An unexpected encounter. A fun conversation. A click that kept lingering and continuously gives an extra boost.

#5. What would you never want to become?

I’d never want to be a realist. I think dreamers achieve the biggest goals.

#6. What would you like to remove from other people’s lives?


#7. Why are you drawn to fixing that?

It’s the source of restlessness if you ask me.

#8. What used to be your motto?

My motto didn’t chance that much trough out time. The practice surely did. That’s because you go to places, you become older and more at ease. You also meet new people and get influenced by choices (in life). The base of your motto stays stable however and is a result of your personality.

#9. What’s it today?

‘Better an ‘Oops’ than a ‘What if’.’
‘Dream and execute!‘

#10. Who do you love, regardless that he or she doesn’t even know you?

The people around me are there for a reason. That’s what I firmly believe in. Love for someone is built on knowledge. So how can you truely love someone that you don’t know?

#11. What would you never let us know?

Haha! I’d rather keep that to myself.

#12. Do you prefer a state of quiescence or ecstasy?

Ecstasy of course!

Thanks for reading. Talk to you next week!

© Michiel Devijver, for Mello — pop-up shop Sur Mesure, Ghent — by Talent Grid, 2017
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