STATMASH: Digital Access

Does it shock you that individuals around the world don’t have access to the internet? Read on!

  1. According to InternetLiveStatistics, there were 3,424,971,237 internet users in 2016, compared to a global population of 7,432,663,275. That means 4,007,692,038 didn’t get the opportunity to message their friend, and actually had to call them up using a telephone, or even speak to them face-to-face! Luckily, individuals like Elon Musk are trying to find ways to ensure that everyone gets access no matter where they are.
  2. According to InternetLiveStatistics, the regional distribution of internet users as of July 1, 2013 is as follows: Asia: 48.4%, Americas: 21.8%, Europe: 19%, Africa: 9.8%, Oceania: 0.9%. Compared to the regional distribution of population (Source: NigerianMuse):Asia: 60%, Americas: 13.6%, Europe: 10.4%, Africa: 15.5%, Oceania: 0.5%. It’s very interesting how regions like the Americas and Europe have such a large difference between population and internet distribution.
  3. According to WeAreSocial, global internet use in 2017 has increased by 10% compared to 2016. That means if we keep it up, enough 10%’s will give everyone access! #ThereIsHope
  4. In Africa, only 29% of the population are internet users, compared to 46% in Asia. I think we know where we need to start.
  5. In 2017, mobile use raised by 30% up to 50% of total internet usage globally. Good news!
  6. In 2017, out of 3.77 billion internet users, 2.79 billion are social media users. Social media has truly connected the world!
  7. 2.55 billion of social media users access it via mobile device.
  8. Interestingly, the total number of mobile connections (8.05 billion) is significantly higher than the global population (7.48 billion).

Stats rule!