The Facts about the Nevada Democratic State Convention on Saturday
NV Dems

Hmmm… Could the other 462 unfilled seat have been the college students that were graduating that day? Reports throughout the day showed that the Bernie crowd was a lot “older” than normal, because the youth vote was missing.

It’s fun to think that Hillary won fair and square and that the NV Dems were just doing their job properly. We know this isn’t what actually happened.

After the voice vote, if a clear winner couldn’t be determined (which it wasn’t), the NV DNC’s rules say that a headcount vote should be performed. They skipped this step knowing that there were more Sanders supporters in the room.

Oh and then there was Barbara Boxer incident — screaming “boo yourself out of the election” really helps win people over :)

Thanks for confirming my #BernieOrBust vote this November.

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