Technology has evolved over time and its no surprise that the practices used to develop it have changed as well. Gone are the days where teams spent months or even years gathering requirements, writing long contracts, designing, developing, testing & deploying only to discover that the customer's requirements have changed or not met expectations on delivery.

The numerous drawbacks and negative impact felt across multiple software organizations using this model have led to the birth of agile in the early 2000s. A group of software leaders met in Utah to discuss new methodologies.

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Turntables, Vinyls, Walkman, Discman, mp3 Player, iPod…. do any of these terms sound familiar to you? If yes, you are probably a witness to the evolution of music playback over the last 3 decades. Thanks to Apple for the invention of the iPod which opened the floodgates for various breakthroughs in this space. Considering the recent advancements in technology, an increase in the adoption of smartphones and internet penetration the introduction of Music Streaming Services on mobile and computing devices is hardly a surprise.

In India, the transition from feature phones to smartphones, sharp decline in the cost of data…

Nathan D’Mello

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