6 Tips To Create an Outstanding Blog in 2017


This article contains proven tips on how to write great blog posts that will capture the attention of your target audience.


Also known as weblog, a blog is an online web page that keeps ongoing and frequently updated information or posts. The frequent updates and posts on a blog encourage the target audience to visit the page every now and then.

This specific type of web page is arranged typically in an orderly manner, starting from the most recently created posts to older posts. Paraphrase service UK provides quality and freshly written blog posts.

Usually, blogs are created and maintained by one person (although exceptions may apply). Each blog addresses a particular topic or subject matter. From fiction to science, there is virtually no niche that you won’t find a blog on.

Features of a Blog

Generally, there are three features that blogs are known with, and these features are what distinguish a blog from a regular website. These features are;

#1: Blog posts require more frequent updates compared to a normal web page.

#2: It is possible to syndicate blogs. Readers can view and read blog posts through a feed or via a web browser. In essence, you don’t necessarily have to log on to a blog site to read its posts.

#3: Also, community interaction and feel is an additional feature of a blog.

Types of Blogs

The different types of blogs include the following;

Personal Blog: This type of blog refers to an internet-based diary or commentary created by one individual. It is common to find this type of blog. The target audience for personal blogs is usually a small group of readers such as the writer’s friends or family members.

Niche Blogs: A niche blog is centered around a specific subject matter or topic such as travel, education, insurance, online shopping, and more.

Corporate Blogs: As the name suggests, a corporate blog may be intended for business purposes. They can serve as communication facilitation tool in a company or business. It can also be used for marketing and promotional purpose, and for building a business’ online presence.

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Why Blogging?

There are many pros or benefits that come with starting and maintaining a blog. One of these benefits is that it provides you with the opportunity to connect with people of similar passion and interests.

Also, blogs are great tools for promoting and selling products and/or services. You can acquire new customers and retain existing ones through valuable blog posts. Blogging is also a great avenue to build your credibility as well as point to yourself as an expert in your industry or niche.

Choosing a Blog Niche

The first step towards starting a blog is to choose a niche for your blog. In essence, you need to decide on the subject matter of your blog. One of the best ways to decide on a suitable niche for your blog is to consider your areas of interests and passion.

For instance, if you are passionate about weight loss or have a product and/or service related to weight loss, you can start a blog on weight loss niche.

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How Do you Write Irresistible and Outstanding Blog Posts in 2017?

Tip #1: Choose a Catchy Title or Topic

Do you know that the title of your blog posts alone can attract or repel a potential reader? Therefore, choose catchy and irresistible titles for your posts — the type of topic that will evoke curiosity in potential readers.

Tip #2: Keep it Interesting

Most people who visit the world wide web do not have patience to go through contents, how much more when the content is boring. Therefore, capture the mind and interest of your target audience from the beginning to the end.

Tip #3: Keep it Fresh

Always populate your blog with fresh and interesting posts. You can even restructure old posts into more interesting and completely fresh contents.

Tip #4: Use Facts and Figures

Using facts, statistics and figures to substantiate and explain your points help to make your posts more interesting and attractive.

Tip #5: Employ Different Writing Tactics

Professional paraphrase service UK employs different tactics to create super-interesting and irresistible blog posts. For instance, they employ informational, instructional and humorous tactics in creating hard-to-resist posts. Also, you can integrate an interview technique into your blog posts.

Tip #6: Keep it Original

Original contents are one of the great characteristics of a success-oriented blog. Also, you will avoid Google and other search engines’ wrath by desisting from plagiarism.


Using professional blogging service is a great way to ensure that your blog gets the frequent, original, and interesting posts it needs to attract your target audience.


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