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Phase 3, 4 COVID-19 Intervention Clinical Trial Timeline. Data from

Visualizing the complete timeline of all COVID-19 interventional clinical studies.

When will things finally go back to normal? We’ve all seen the many models that simulate “flattening the curve” and projections of COVID-19. Now let’s go over a model that spells the end of COVID-19. In this article, we will walk through the statuses of current interventions, including treatments and vaccines, for COVID-19. We’ll put these together nicely in a comprehensive timeline. Finally, we will briefly explore the similarities of the treatments currently in clinical trials.

From the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Trials website, we can see hundreds of in-progress clinical trials related to treating COVID-19. We want to specifically look at interventional clinical trials. Interventional studies include vaccines, medication, and therapies. From these interventional studies, we want to focus on the ones that are most recent and will have a reasonable final completion date, so let’s focus on studies between 2019 and 2025. …

Who would have guessed: Playing video-games in text messages. Seems very 2016.

With a surge of popularity in the past week, Facebook has added a competitive spirit to our otherwise text and emoji based conversations. The hype for the novelties in the geometric mechanics of Endless Lake and sentiments for some old-school Pac-Man action, has been revived through the adoption of these games by Facebook on its Messenger platform. However, the implementation of these games in Facebook Messenger’s platform has also created a breeding-ground for exploits.

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Popular games on Facebook Messenger

Primer on Cheating and Exploitation in Video-Games

Games have historically been an easy target for exploitations and cheating (see AracadePrehacks). And especially for single-player games, that’s perfectly okay with many players. As long as game-impactful exploits are eliminated from highly-competitive multiplayer games (such as scripting in League of Legends), finding exploits in games are awesome — even encouraged as a stepping stone to dissect the layers of video game design. …

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Why is it important?

The airport. A nearby cafe. Your workplace.

Each one of these locations allows its users to connect to wifi and access the internet. Often with minimal resources used to ensure access-point security and online privacy in these locations, the onus falls on the users to provide for their own virtual protection or face the potentially devastating consequences.

We’ve all heard the 2014 Sony hacks, cases of identity theft from our friends and family, and many more well-publicized hacking events scattered throughout the news. However, many individuals do not consider themselves the next possible victim. …


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