Nathan Reitinger, Lilly Hackworth, Annika Hildebrandt, Hazel Murray, Bruce Wen, Michelle Mazurek, and Blase Ur

“Search — Lottie animation” by Wanda Arca

In 2012, Target ramped up its practice of tailored advertising by intently focusing on pregnant women, providing these women with a plethora of baby-themed advertisements. Unremarkable as this may seem today, the practice at the…

credit to Normand Veilleux

When browsing the Internet, who do you trust more: or

A knee-jerk reaction might be to pick — given Zuckerberg’s consistency in drumming up uncannily accurate advertisements and’s seemingly innocuous purpose. Or you may feel like this is simply a “choice of evils” and, when backed…

Nathan Reitinger

lawyer, computer scientist

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