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(If this doesn’t apply to you. I get it. This is scary. You can skip this one.)

My first child, Everly, died when she was 3 weeks old. I’m writing this as a peer. Here’s what to expect after losing a baby.

It’s hell. Know you’re strong. Being brilliant isn’t required. You just need to learn how to stand where you are. That’s the kind of strong you are.

Know you’re going through shock right now. This isn’t going to feel like a real thing for while.

You’re going to wake up and think it was all a nightmare, then…

I got a tattoo but it didn’t hurt enough.

See, holding a scratching cat to my wrist is not the same as watching my daughter gasp for oxygen that never came.

Forty-five seconds of discomfort is not the same as holding it together for 20 minutes before her time of death was named.

A couple drops of blood and some redness around this letter E is not the same as knowing the first time I held my daughter was on the day she died.

So, if leaning into pain normalizes it, where do I get more? …

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I asked current and formal
Nashville locals to send me letters.
They wrote back in this form:
After __ years in Nashville, I learned __ .
All the years came out to 541.
Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Last week I pulled out large chunks of my beard. A couple hairs at a time. It looked so hideous that I had to shave and start over. There were obvious, large gaps. Bizarre. I’ve never done that before — that, or had a child in this kind of danger.

If only this danger was in the form of a man coming at my child with a knife. Then I could be useful and throw myself at Danger and fight through the slices. …

Teaching someone how to use the computer? A computer is magic to someone who hasn’t grown up with it. Magic is intimidating. You need to show your student they have access to this magic too.

The best way to do this is to guide them through a wow moment. Here are five lesson ideas that have amazed my students. I teach a weekly computer basics class to some homeless folks in Nashville. Hey, I’m Nate.

1. Send them their first email.

Explain that anyone who knows their email address can now reach them. Then show how the email can move from your phone to the screen…

This is a story about three generations traveling to Guatemala. Before I tell you what I learned about my family, introductions are in order.


I’m Nate. I fully experience things by writing.

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Here’s David. He fully experiences things by taking photos.

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Say you want to teach your friend, grandmother or spouse how to use the computer but they have very little or no experience.

I’m talking very little or no experience.

Test: Does your student have an email address? If not, you’re in the right place. Read on.

I’m Nate. Every week I teach a computer class to homeless at Room In The Inn, a place that services those on the street in Nashville. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Understand the Problem

The problem isn’t your student. It’s you. You’re too awesome and you’ve forgotten the struggle of your first clicks.

After you’ve mastered retweeting…

Nate Baker

Founder of Mechanical Loom. We help entrepreneurs launch mobile apps that scale. Also, board games are my jam.

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