Guard your ideas, keep your plans close to your chest, you mustn’t let people know what’s happening for fear of them stealing your idea — correct?

NO! Obviously somethings are truly trade secrets, but most of the time you are just being obnoxious.

Share your ideas, talk about plans, get…

Everyone knows the old saying “Easy come, easy go”.

I believe it is generally accepted to mean if you didn’t work too hard to get something, you tend to care less about keeping it, and you can easy lose it.

We can take this one step further, if you didn’t have to push yourself too far to innovate your offering, there is less barrier for your competitor to close the gap.

If it is easy to convince a new customer to switch from a competitor to you, then they may be just as quick to change their mind to leave you later on.

Easy isn’t always good for the long term. Sometimes working that little bit longer/harder first up leaves you in a safer position.

Nathan Smale

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