I was one of the one-clap people, for I was only able to clap once until I kicked myself in the butt and upgraded that app.
The Curious Case of People Who Only Clap Once
Mateja Klaric

I finally upgraded my Medium app last weekend and have started applauding. I prefer to live life at my own pace and I’ve never been one to rush out to get the newest updates. Clapping is a bit awkward and I’m still figuring out how I’m going to use it going forward.

Hopefully my claps will mean something positive, however few or many I end up giving. There really are a lot of interesting, creative, original people on Medium whom I enjoy reading, even though I haven’t published anything myself since May.

Occasionally I’ll take time to write responses (like this), which I have always felt is more meaningful than a clap or recommend anyway. Keep up the good work! 👏🏻

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