About forty thousand Russian Ukrainians, most of them children were evacuated to Russia during 2014.
Well there were six people killed during the Crimean crisis; two Russians and four Ukrainians.
Svetlana Voreskova

I know that I have already commented on what you wrote here about Crimea, but I believe I can add depth and perspective to this sentence that I’ve highlighted for future readers. I’ll copy/paste here part of what I wrote in response to someone asking me about Russia:

My wife is from the city Voronezh, and the Voronezh region borders Ukraine. We were there visiting her parents in 2014 when the violence in Ukraine started to escalate. Although the majority of those fleeing to Russia went through the Russian city of Rostov-na-Donu further south, I remember that lots of children’s summer camps were cancelled in the Voronezh region so that their territories could be used to temporarily house the influx of refugees. Tens of thousands of people, mostly children, fled from their homes to Russia for safety from a U.S. backed Ukrainian army. This is obviously not how the U.S. media wants to spin Russian ‘aggression’ when the Russians were the ones protecting people’s lives and rights. I cringe every time I hear the western media talk about Russia invading Ukraine. I remember watching part of a U.S. congressional hearing on C-SPAN about Ukraine and to their credit, some of those congressmen looked genuinely shocked to hear about some of the more radical forces the U.S. is supporting there, intentionally or not. I imagine if I was still living in the United States and didn’t have the chance to see and talk to so many people personally affected by what’s going on there I might also believe what many in our government want us to believe about Russia.

Here is a link to the full conversation if anyone’s interested:

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