feelings come first
Well, I’m always happy when I see your name pop up in my inbox, Linda :) Yes, “brutal honesty.”
J.A. Carter-Winward

I really enjoyed so many of the well-worded thoughts and ideas you both had throughout this conversation. I’m not sure what the protocol is here, if there is any, because it almost feels like eavesdropping on two people I don’t even know to be reading this or worse still, butt in with a comment. Apologies.

When I read the part where you began talking about how ‘feelings come first’, (so on the mark, by the way) I couldn’t help but being reminded of my favorite poem by e. e. cummings ‘since feeling is first’. You may be familiar with it. It’s not long:

(I couldn’t copy/paste this using my iPhone without Medium reformatting it so I settled on the above link.)

I was shocked to hear that one of the victims who died in the London attack was from Utah. Apparently you knew him. My condolences. They look so happy together. Twenty-five years of ‘laughing and leaning back into each other’s arms’!

‘for life’s not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis’

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