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Last year Utah’s season ended in Los Angeles when they got to be the Washington Generals to Kobe’s globetrotting circus. Houston had just clinched the 8th seed a few hours before game time, making game 82 irrelevant for the Jazz. If Utah had been fighting for that playoff spot, there’s no way Kobe would have gone off for 60 points in a win in the last game of his career.

The NBA is not just sport, but a multi-billion dollar entertainment company. The legend had a legendary retirement party. Kobe did what the Clippers couldn’t and Utah’s season didn’t end in L.A. this time. I’m glad the basketball gods saw fit to have the Jazz put the Clippers out of their playoff misery (and into their postseason misery). If Paul and Blake leave town, the Clips can go back to being the Washington Generals of the NBA and somehow all is right in the universe. Lob City was overrated anyway.

Go Jazz! Let’s give the Warriors a run for their money!