As a British person I know what Aussies are like in team sports only too well. I’m not sure Americans have realized yet, which only makes sense given that you lot don’t go up against Aussies in team sport very often. Get an Aussie in your team. Even if they’re not the most talented. They’ll compete like bastards, which’ll shame your more talented players into doing the same.
I wonder how many GMs recently have been thinking ‘Hey, maybe it might be an idea for us to get an…
Michael Jenkins

Love this comment! I’m going to have to forward it to the people I know in Australia. Because the Jazz have had so many injuries this season, they’ve had to experiment with a lot of line ups and the success they’ve had speaks to good coaching, good team culture and overall good vibes. I don’t remember if it was against the Warriors or Spurs last week, but we put a starting lineup out there that had almost never played together: Hayward (our lone All-Star) and two Frenchmen (Gobert, Diaw) and two Australians (Exum, Ingles) and won. Love it! Go Jazz!

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