Bacon, however is better than almost anything
50 Things That Are Better Than Other Things
Todd Brison

Thanks for this! I had so much fun with this list while commuting home I actually took out a piece of paper and began ticking them off in four categories: ‘Yes!’, ‘No!’, ‘Don’t know’ and ‘I ain’t even going to go there’.

I ended up with four ‘No’s (No way violins are better than pianos and guitars), seven ‘Don’t know’s (Should I care what Teavana is?), six ‘I ain’t even going to go there’s (I have a cat in my family that I didn’t ask for. I’m not really a pet person.) and thirty-two ‘Yes’s, most of them emphatic. (Bacon!)

(And if you did the math, 4+7+6+32 =49… #36 — flying vs driving — didn’t fit into any of my categories. It really depends on where you need to get to.)

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