Hear Comes Christmas — Episode VII — White Christmas

The 1954 film White Christmas starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye tells the story of two WWII veterans who make it big as an entertainers after the war. They serendipitously end up spending a Christmas in Vermont with a pair of sisters trying to make it big, themselves. Once in Vermont the foursome use their influence and talents to plan a fundraiser, saving a retired general’s bed and breakfast from financial ruin.


Everyone should love this movie, especially for the four part harmony on the song “Snow” as the main characters ride a train up north. Whoever cast this film found a great group of entertainers who could sing, dance and do a bit of humorous acting. I could watch this movie every Christmas with my daughter, my wife or even my grandma. It is timeless!

This Dancing Ballerina is PEAK 50's!!!!

The reason I’m highlighting this film is less about Bing Crosby’s iconic singing of “White Christmas” but because today is the 75th Anniversary of that day that shall forever live in infamy, December 7th, 1941. The day when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese and kickstarted American involvement in that horrible war.

Pretty sure the general is my father in-law #justsaying

This film is truly a time-capsule paying tribute to an era when the “greatest generation” heroically saved the world from ruin and then restarted their lives back home.* Take the opportunity to look back and appreciate what those men and women accomplished, but also recognize that many of our own neighbors, friends and family who are currently serving overseas, raising a family while their spouse is serving, or selflessly serving their community, are all part of a budding great generation.

*Two songs in particular to check out include “What Can You Do With A General?” and “I Wish I Was Back In The Army.” Both songs describe men of character and integrity that is reflected by all the veterans I know now.

********And yes, I know White Christmas is about the army and the Pearl Harbor attack was on the navy but I wanted to use the opportunity to appreciate all of our armed services*********

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