Week 4

All tha things! Busy week and there’s no sign of it slowing down next week either!

Important, High Up Person meeting

Had a rare chat about the work we are doing on the web strategy with an Important, High Up Person.

These are always nervy meetings for me as we (Co-op Digital) generally come from a different world (agile, lean, tech, agile etc.) than the people at that level. But, it was insightful.

I was told by a senior person in Digital to go in with an artefact to talk around and that helped a lot. It stopped a lot of tangential conversations and focussed on the outcomes I wanted to achieve from the meeting, which were: get feedback on the direction of the work and get alignment across the areas she manages.

After a few frustrating (for both sides — urgh) crossed wires situations, we realised that we were talking the same thing in two different languages and she suggested a workshop with all of the stakeholders that report into her. This was a revelation as it was similar to the workshop that David Bailey suggested last week. I promptly booked in the workshop with more important people.

Home visits

More user research this week, this time in Leeds. Themes coming out of this batch of interviews:

  • Not understanding what the Co-op is outside of a top-up/convenience shop
  • ‘Co-op feels a bit old fashioned… until you go into one!’
  • There is a lack of consumer loyalty towards brands and retailers, with the price and quality of products driving purchases.

But, for me, the best thing about this weeks research outing was bringing along someone who has never done any user research before, who loved it! We have a new convert.

Iteration planning

We call sprints iterations and we came to end of this year's 2nd iteration, which means: retro’s, iteration planning, walking the website’s team walls (to understand what the wider team is doing — I’m in the strategy workstream) and a show and tell!

The team review last iteration’s goals before deciding what the next goals are.
The very awesome Gail talking about the user research we’ve been doing cross-streams and about her work in the iterate workstream.

Food transition

I got some designing done! Been mocking up some flat designs to show how our coop.co.uk components can work with the food.coop.co.uk content to stakeholders.

Design review on this next week.

Other stuff

  • Stakeholder knowledge sharing with other designers.
  • Trying to get my head around my new role as principal.
  • End of year review stuff.
  • I have started informally mentoring another designer in another part of the business. It’s great to see them develop. We had a bit of a design crit on the work they were doing. They responded with the right words to some of my more challenging remarks.
  • Realising I’m saying ‘stakeholders’ a lot 🥩

📖 Alice Rawsthorn: Design as an Attitude

🎧 My own playlist this week. Warning: may or may not include Carly Rae Jepsen.