Week 46


Nate Langley
Dec 13, 2019 · 2 min read
A diagram I sketched to explain the fundamentals of how our design culture works. This was for someone who is looking to set something up in another part of the Co-op and is likely wrong.
  • Tunes 🎧
  • Started the week apologising for a snotty DM I sent late Friday afternoon for a thing I didn’t have the full picture of. After I found out more context my reaction looked even worse. Messaging anyone about something that should be said face to face is a no no let alone on a Friday evening. My wife framed it perfectly: ‘how would you feel if you got that message on a Friday night?’ Yeah, I’m an idiot.
  • Spent a lot of time trying to explain really complex systems to stakeholders. I usually get a blank expression back. I’ve purposefully kept out of the decision making of this complexity. Preferring to wait until smarter people (people better with data) make the decision and then I can make the complex simple. But it seems this has left me at a disadvantage as I don’t know the reasons why we have reached that conclusion. So when I’m on the front line getting a barrage of questions I get bamboozled.
  • It was one of those weeks where I struggled to see the value I add. Props to Dave for reminding me that it might be systemic of working in a large organisation. He said some things to boost my feels. Still, I feel like I just put peoples noses out of joint by crashing their workflows. But there’s reasons, k?
  • One of those reasons is accessibility. We’ve been delivering a lot of really good stuff recently, but it seems that some standards have fallen through the cracks. Time to fix. Design for Everyone, damn it.
  • I’m looking forward to the time off to be honest. I need to reflect on my career and what I want from this role. Being a Principal has been tough this year on almost every front. A New Year is a great chance to realign myself and start with some fresh goals. I’m thinking around focussing on Membership and what it means to the communities we’re in. Just thinking.
  • Talking of the end of the year, I’m working through Tom Whitwell’s 52 things I learned in 2019. Good reads in there.
  • I broke my self imposed ban of politics talk on twitter. It’s been leading up to this to be honest. Liking and retweeting things of a socialist nature. It culminated in this pithy tweet. But fuck it. It effectively confirmed my suspicions: the world is divided into people who are mindful of their impact in society and people that can’t see anything past their own ego. The socially minded have got a lot of listening and working to do over the next 5 years. I reactivated my labour membership. Anyway, now I’m wound up it’s time to check out.

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