Week 8

End of iteration and new iteration planning that focuses on the web strategy.

Nate Langley
Feb 22, 2019 · 3 min read

I’m noticing a pattern from my week notes: all the iteration change over weeks are really busy. My guess is the retro/reset/set ceremonies that take up the middle of the week block out a lot of time. At the moment it’s fine — like I said before, it gives the team a laser focus. But when other distractions come in it which you can’t account for when planning (last minute requests, line management queries etc.) it makes for a few extra hours in the office.


We’ve decided that the focus for the next two weeks is to define the strategy for the web team. This is kinda my team’s job anyway but the Food transition work is taking up a lot of time. Next Thursday we’ve got a workshop-cum-playback of some user speculative user journey’s we’ve been working on. This Thursday the team got together to plan what the outcomes we want from the session are, what the principles we’re going to set to the business are (how we’re going to work with them more collaboratively), what the job stories are and what the user journeys are.

The web team and other teams from Digital working on unified job stories.

What’s that? Yes, it was a ‘pre-meeting meeting’! Why? Because next weeks session is about ensuring we (digital) are all broadly aligned with this speculative stuff, so when Very Important Stakeholder asks if we have spoken to Another Digital Team we can go ‘Yes’ confidently. Digital are pretty good at keeping the rest of Digital informed because we work in the open and are all part of communities; we’re natural sharers. But the rest of the business is still a bit siloed so expect us to be.

I’ve then plugged myself in, got my head down and started sketching out user journeys. I’ve got 2 out of 4 so far. Then I need to turn them into a reasonable fidelity at some point. Next week is going to be busy.

A user journey sketch on the web strategy wall.

I’m going to pull some steps out and visualise them as screens on the website. But what I’m really keen on communicating is the level of visual design that is needed at each point. For example, when going through a checkout flow you don’t need any ‘fun’ or engaging elements you just need functional, whereas on a coupon redemption flow you might need those moments of delight.

Other stuff

  • There’s been a lot of back and forth negotiation type emails between another part of the business this week, which has also taken up a lot of time 😣
  • The Food transition stuff is still happening just not taking up my attention too much. The engineers have knocked out a great prototype based on our reusable patterns in the design system. So far so good.
  • The web team engineers (with Amy, Co-op Digitals blog master) knocked out a great blog post about the technical parts of the work we’re doing. They’re the best.

📖 Mindful design by Scott Riley

🎧 My own playlist this week. Includes Depeche Mode, GusGus, The Sundays(!) and KÁRYYN.

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